Using UAV, unmanned aerial vehicles, Eagle-i offer a range of survey and inspection services to the oil and gas, renewable, utilities and construction and civil industries worldwide.

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We are strategically positioned to service Southern North Sea oil and gas and renewables industries.

Our professional CAA certified drone pilots are experienced in working with ROAV’s that enable our clients to perform safe and cost effective aerial inspections within a variety of sectors, including:

Oil and Gas

With over 30 years’ combined experience in the oil and gas industry, Eagle-i carries out a range of drone inspections of high or difficult to reach structures both onshore and offshore.

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Construction and Civil

The use of UAVs is increasingly supporting civil sectors and the construction industry with building surveys, site inspections, geo-mapping as well as with bridge inspections and railway mapping.

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Eagle-i’s sophisticated drone inspection technology supports clients in the utilities industry with power line inspections, structural inspections and detecting leaks in buried pipes using infrared cameras.

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Eagle-i support clients in the renewables industry by providing services including wind turbine blade inspections and PV solar panel inspections.

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Aerial Photography

Using our cutting-edge UAVs and the skills and experience of our professional CAA certified drone pilots, we produce aerial photography for a wide range of clients.

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Drone Filming

At Eagle-i we offer an affordable and safe alternative to conventional aircraft when it comes to capturing footage from the air.

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Our Mission

Reducing risk and improving efficiency and safety lie at the heart of everything we do.

Eagle-i Drones aims to become a new world leader in drone (ROAV) inspections and surveillance through the use of the most advanced technology, surveys and surveillance.

We are committed to operational excellence and maintaining a safe and responsible service by utilising industry standard tried and tested ROAV’s combined with reliable and professional CAA certified drone pilots.